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SAP BPC - Not able to process a dimension in BPC standard 10.X

Sometimes Dimensions get corrupted for many reasons. Mainly because deleting or adding members. Sometimes there are duplicates and even though you already deleted the duplicate record you are still getting an error and it doesn't let you process the dimension. 

1. Dimension Status "Yellow" needs to be processed 

2. When you tried to process the dimension it gives you a warning.

3. there was a duplicate record and even though you had deleted this record, the system couldn't recognize it was deleted. 

4. Use the program UJA_REFRESH_DIM_CACHE to sync the dynamic dimension table and BW dimension table. This clears the cache, but does not delete dimension members and transaction data. Go to T-Code SE38 and run a program called "UJA_REFRESH_DIM_CACHE". Hopefully, that should do the trick!! 


Raul Juarez

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