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EPM Add-In: "Remove Empty and Zero Values" Behavior


You create a report, open the 'EPM - Sheet Options' and set the 'No Data and Zero Values' value for the 'Rows' to 'Remove Empty and Zero Values'.
Yet, zero and empty values continue to be displayed.

Reproducing the Issue:

- Create a simple report with Account Dimension in row and Time in Column 
- In the 'Sheet Options' under 'No Data and Zero Values' select 'Remove Empty and Zero Values' from the drop down selection



The same option is present in the 'EPM - Report Editor', 'Options tab' under No Data and Zero Values and is set to 'Keep all' values.

Inherit Sheet Options is not selected.

The report options take precedence on the sheet options.
This is the designed behavior 



Don't change this option in the Report Editor and allow it to inherit the parameters from the sheet options.

If this must be set differently across multiple reports in the same sheet then you must keep these options at the report level individually.
To avoid confusion you can lock the workbook and prevent end users from freely changing it.

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