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EPM Add-In: EPMPATHLINK locks context


When using EPMPATHLINK function in an EPM source report, EPMPATHLINK opens a destination reportt.
In the context of the destination report, the dimensions which are passed as parameters in EPMPATHLINK function will be grayed out and locked, and can never be unlocked again.
However, you want to unlock or change these dimension in the destination report

Reproducing the Issue:

1. Create a source report which uses the EPMPATHLINK formula. The EPMPATHLINK formula passes one or more dimensions to the target report.

2. Create a destination report which will be called via EPMPATHLINK.


3. Execute the EPMPATHLINK and have it launch the destination report.

4. In the context of the destination report is grayed out (locked) for the dimensions that were passed to it. However, the context lock flag is not set.



5. You want to change and use these dimensions in the destination report


This is behavior by design.


This lock of context is done at the workbook level, as you can see in the following figure, and not at the worksheet level, which means that you can't modify these dimensions in corresponding worksheet level.


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