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EPM Add-in: After inserting a member to report, the existing input data disappears


When using the "Insert members" function to insert a dimension member to a report and input transaction data, the transaction data which has already entered, but not sent, disappears

Reproducing the Issue:

- Logon to EPM add-in and create a new report.
- Go to a blank line and right click mouse, select: EPM --> insert members.
- Input a transaction data to this newly inserted member.
- Go to another blank line and right click mouse, select: EPM --> insert members again.
- The transaction data which is input in step 3 disappears.


When using the "Insert members" function, the system will trigger the report to refresh, which causes the existing input data to disappear.


- Logon to EPM add-in and open the report.
- Click on Options --> User options.
- Check on the option "Refresh only Expanded and Inserted Members", and click on OK.

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