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EPM Add-In (32bit Excel): Memory error "System.OutOfMemoryException" when refreshing sheet



Reproducing the Issue:

Refresh EPM Add-In report, in the EPM log, following error shows:
     a. Failed to allocate a managed memory buffer of xxxx bytes. The amount of available memory may be low
     b. Error in refresh sheet


Report requires more memory than what the local machine has.


EPM Add-in Limitations for 32 bit Excel: several report size limitations. For example: "The maximum memory that can be allocated to the Microsoft Excel application is 1.2 GB (the current log shows the memory is over 2GB ). This means that the EPM Add-in report size is limited to 200,000 rows and two million cells" .


- User can go to  "EPM tab -> User Options -> Others  -> Report Refresh section", to set a warning for the number of cells, you can set number: 2 million and run the report to see if the report has exceeds the limitation.
- User can down-size the report to avoid the two million cells limitation. 
- User can test the same report in a 64-bit Excel version.

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