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EPM Add-In: Performance Guidelines

Some basic guidelines to follow when designing EPM Add-in reports in order to prevent any potential performance issues:

- Create a standard EPM 10 report (EPMOlapMember) using the standard features in the EPM addin rather than using EPM function formulas (EPMRetrieveData,…)
- EPMRetrieveData is not recommended to use with large reports
- A large number of cell formulas can have a negative impact on performances, especially if these cell formulas are dependents (a formula references another formula) or are conditional (If…)
- Excel volatile functions should be limited as well. This recommendation can be found in User Guide/Help Portal 
- Use of Volatile Functions: As mentioned in the Microsoft Excel documentation, the use of too many volatile functions can lower the recalculation performances. As a reminder, the following Microsoft Excel functions are volatile
     * NOW
     * TODAY
     * RAND
     * OFFSET
     * INFO (depending on its arguments) 
     * CELL (depending on its arguments).
- In a Citrix environment there are at least two main points which may impact the refreshing performances significantly:
     * The number of macro calls in the workbook
     * A lot of complex formatting (conditional formatting) in a big workbook

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