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EPM Add-In: Work Status displayed in the EPM Add-in is inconsistent with Consolidation Monitor


You find the current work status displayed in the EPM Add-in is not the same with Consolidation Monitor. 

work status displayed in EPM Add-in.png

Consolidation Monitor.png

work status displayed in the consolidation monitor.png

Reproducing the Issue:

- Log on to Web Portal
- Open Consolidation Monitor->Select one group-> Click Change Work Status button
- Log on to EPM Add-in->Click Change Work Status under Save Data Button
- The work status in the EPM Add-in is not the same with Consolidation Monitor


This is the correct behavior. In the Consolidation Monitor, system displays the Work Status according to the structure you defined in the Ownership Manager while in the EPM Add-in, system displays the Work Status according to the hierarchy of the Entity.The Asia Pacific in the Consolidation Monitor is SCOPE dimension while Asia Pacific in EPM Add-in is ENTITY dimension. This big difference is the key to understand the issue. (Be noted that  Asia Pacific is ENTITY as well as SCOPE because the same member name is used in the ENTITY dimension and SCOPE dimension). In the Consolidation Monitor, you only see CN under the SCOPE of Asia Pacific while under the ENTITY of Asia Pacific there are two dimension members, CN and AU. When you set work status from EPM Add-in, EPM Add-in will display the smallest work status code among the descendant members(E.g. AU is Unlocked)


To avoid the confusion, you can add the all the entities in the corresponding groups in the Ownership Manager. For example, add AU under the scope of Asia Pacific. This way, the entity view in the Consolidation Monitor is consistent with the entity hierarchy itself.

If it's not necessary to maintain all the entities in the Ownership Manager, be aware that the status displayed in EPM Add-in may not be consistent with what's displayed in the Consolidation Monitor due to what's explained above.

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