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EPM Add-In: Command error: COL() when running data package


You run data package to load transaction data or master data. In the transformation file, you use IF in the mapping. E.g. ENTITY=*IF(0ENTITY=*str()then*str();*str(I_)+0ENTITY(1:2)).The package fails to run with the similar error below.
Command error: COL(2 )=

Reproducing the Issue:

- Log on to EPM Add-in
- Run Data Package


In the IF formula, there is no space between then  and *str().  If there is no space between the keyword or the variables. BPC will consider the formula as a whole when parsing the formula.


Put a space between the keywords and the variables.  For example, ENTITY = *IF( 0ENTITY = *str() then *str(); *str(I_) + 0ENTITY(1:2) )

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