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EPM Add-In: How to configure a custom format template for the EPM Add-in Reports and Input Schedules


Within the EPM Add-in it is required to have a standard format to maintain a consistent look of the Reports and Input Schedules


The template will only be available for the specific BPC Environment

- Logon to EPM Add-in (with a user that has administrator rights to BPC 10.1NW)
- Create a new report.
- Click on the 'View Format' option.
- Edit the formatting to generate the format template needed.
- Save this formatting template to the server.
- Click Save.
- Click the 'Save to Root Server' option.
-  Highlight the folder type for the template.
- Save the report as a name 'TemplateReport.xlsx or TemplateInputSchedule.xlsxGo to the client machine and edit the 'FPMXLClient.dll.config' file.
    <add key="ReportFormattingTemplateFileName" value="TemplateReport.xlsx"/>
    <add key="InputFormattingTemplateFileName" value="TemplateInputSchedule.xlsx"/>

NOTE: This will need to be done for each client machine or to copy a modified 'FPMXLClient.dll.config' file from one machine to another.Logon to the same connection and create a new report or input schedule.
- Click on the 'View Formats' and see that the custom format template is now seen.

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