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EPM Add-In: Excel crashes or hangs on refresh


Microsoft Excel crashes or hangs when performing a refresh on a report or input form.



Sometimes, Microsoft Excel crashes during multi-threading. Config change will potentially fix the above-mentioned issue and does not have any negative impact as well. Please follow the following steps:

- On the client machine (from which the Excel interface is run and where the EPM Add-In is installed) close down any running Excel instances.

- Search for the file "FPMXLClient.dll.config". It is usually located in the folder 'root:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\EPM Add-In' by default.

- Edit the file using a text editor, and Add a new row under the appSetting tag/node  with:
         < add key="MultiThreadingCalculation" value ="false"/>

- Restart the EPM add-in and follow the steps to replicate the issue.

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