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EPM Add-In: EPMContextMember function returns the dimension name for certain members


"EpmContextMember" returns the dimension name for some dimension's members and not only the ID as for other members.

ex: Enter EPMContextMember(,"Entity") for retrieving the context member for the "Entity" dimension. For member with ID "11000" specified in the context, the system will return "Entity:11000". For other members the system will return "11000" as expected.


Reproducing the Issue:

- Open EPM Add-in 
- Connect to a BPC source (Environment/model connection)
- Select a cell and enter EPMContextMember(,"Dimension_Name")
- Double click in the cell



The system returns the dimension name+ID when another dimension's member is found with same ID
For example, if there are a member of the Entity dimension with ID "1100" and a member of another dimension with same ID ("1100"), the systems returns the name of the dimension specified in the EPMContextMember function. 

This is how the product was designed to work.


Adding the value "TRUE" as below, the system displays the same member name as the one displayed the Context bar.

E.g.Enter EPMContextMember(,"Entity",,TRUE) the system will returns: "1100 - Entity One" as displayed in the context bar  (ID + description), if you have selected "ID + Description" from the Display Option in Member Selector. The dimension name is not returned.

See Also:

Use the 'Activate Member recognition' option from EPM tab Options -> Sheet options for checking all the dimensions members with same ID.

- Enable the "Activate Member recognition" option
- Enter the ID of the member to check, in a cell 
- Double click

 In case of members with same Ids, the system displays a list of all these members sorted by dimension. 

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