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EPM Add-in logon error: "Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon) - Wrong authentication"


You fail to log on to EPM Add-in due to the error below even though the user name and password is correct.

Framework message:

Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon)

Wrong authentication


SAP EPM Solutions, add-in for Microsoft Office

Reproducing the Issue

Log on to EPM Add-in.Type user name, password and click


SAP Portal is maintained under User Options->Server Configuration. When SAP Portal URL is maintained, EPM Add-in will use SAP Portal URL to do authentication. 

Below is the description regarding the SAP Portal documented in the EPM Add-in installation guide.

If you use the SAP Portal credentials to create your Planning and Consolidation Connection for SAP NetWeaver connection, the authentication is performed directly at the SAP Portal level and not at the Planning and Consolidation server level. Beforehand, you must enter the SAP Portal parameters in the Server Configuration tab of the EPM - User Options dialog box.


You can remove the SAP Portal URL from User Options->Server Configuration.

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