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EPM add-in: General Error: Invalid environment


When opening or refreshing a report that was retrieved from a different BPC server, the following error is displayed:

EPM - General Error: Invalid environment: <environment name>.


SAP EPM Add-in for Microsoft OfficeSAP Business Planning and Consolidation version 10.x

Reproducing the Issue

Using the EPM Add-in create a report that uses Connection A connecting to BPC server A.
Open the report on a different workstation where the Connection A doesn't exist and then connect to BPC Server B using Connection B.
The error message described in the symptom is displayed.




The connection information for Connection A is stored in the report and the Connection A is not available. 


Select Report Editor from the EPM menu on the ribbon.
Under EPM -Report Editor select the Option tab.
Check the option Do not Store Connection.
Save the report.

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