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Connection to EPM Add-in Fails With Error: "Failed to allocate a managed memory buffer"


- When users try to connect to a specific model they get an error "Failed to allocate a managed memory buffer of <some number> bytes

AND there are no errors or dumps on the server No ST22 dump
AND no errors in SLG1 or SM21
AND this happens to all users
AND EPM Add-in log shows the following error: |ERROR|BPC10Connection|FPMXLClient.Connection.RESTConnection.LoadMetaData||||||1|Failed to allocate a managed memory buffer of <some number> bytes. The amount of available memory may be low



This error is generated when a certain threshold is reached during the connection process.


To resolve the issue follow the steps below to enable GZIP compression for REST service on the service side.

1. Run transaction SICFNavigate to default_host->sap->EPM_BPCDouble 
2. click on "REST"
3. On the next page, set compression to 'YES'



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