How to create and submit a ticket to the support team.

The TruQua Support Portal is your 24/7/365 access line to the TruQua Support Team. From the Portal, you can search Solutions, view the Knowledge Base, engage in Community Forums, and create or manage Support Tickets.

How to fill out the Support Ticket form

From Customer Portal, click the + New Support Ticket link in the upper right-hand corner of the landing page.

Fields marked with a red star (*) must be completed before you can submit your ticket.

*Requester: your name or email. Depending on your settings, this may be already populated for you.

*Short Description: A brief title that succinctly describes the issue.

*SAP System: This field indicates which Environment in which you were working when the issue occurred. For the most part, this should be the first option –> BP3 – PROD. If you do not know which SAP System you are choosing, please ask your manager.

Transaction Code: If you are working on the BW side, please indicate which Transaction Code you were working in when you encountered the issue.

Functional Area: Please Indicate in which aspect of the SAP System the incident occurred – EPM10, BW, HANA, Security, or Other.

*Functional Process: This field is used to convey with what action the issue is related – Data Loading, Reports, Calculations, EVA, or Other.

Model: If applicable, select the Model in which you were working when the incident occurred.

*Type: Please let us know what type of ticket you are submitting – Question, Incident, Problem, Feature Request, or Lead.

*Priority: Assign a status to the ticket according to the status definitions – Low, Medium, High, Urgent.

*Detailed Description: Here you can compose a message describing the full nature of the issue,

*Steps uplicate the Error/Issue: Provide step by step instructions to recreate the issue, and any other information you feel would be helpful. You can also use the link beneath the text box to attach a file, such as a screen shot or other documentation.

When you have finished, please use the Submit button to open the ticket. TruQua Support will respond to the ticket in accordance with the assigned ticket priority and ticket queue. You can check the status of your ticket at any time by returning to the Support Home page and clicking the “Check ticket status” link in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

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